Serenity Studio

Relaxing Music for Your Sleep, Study, Music Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation Needs!

Serenity Studio is a family-owned music studio based in Columbus, OH. Our mission is to share our passion for soft, relaxing, calm, piano music with the world!

Serenity Studio offers sites and sounds to soothe your sense and relax your mind!  Looking for an aid to reduce stress?  A more soothing approach to sleep?  A quiet background for meditation?  Background music for studying?  A way to encourage general relaxation?

We offer a variety of services to meet your relaxation needs including downloadable mp3's, 60-minute playlists on YouTube, and sheet music (soon!) of our most popular compositions!

Stop by our YouTube Channel (SernenityStudio), or find us on Twitter for playlists, exclusive compositions, and exciting offers for our fans!


31 July 2013, News

Relaxing Music and a Thunderstrom

Click here for over 60 minutes of soft, relaxing piano music and a thunderstorm! Click the link below to experience! Piano Music and a Thunderstorm

19 June 2013, News

Relaxing Piano Music and a Soft Rainstorm Playlist!

Click  HERE   for over 60 minutes of relaxing piano music by Sean Beeson accompanied by a soft rainstorm!